Mary Jane Wimberly

Many women and young girls are hormonally imbalanced, stressed out, and have been from place to place without ever getting the help they desperately want. Most offices address the symptoms and not the cause.

If you are looking for a practice that is as committed to improving your skin and your life as you are, you have come to the right place.
Dr. Tamirisa M.D., Ob-Gyn, and Mary Jane Wimberly, Medical Aesthetician, are highly-skilled and passionate about helping patients with Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Lifestyle changes.

Mary Jane often says that “Your Hormones are your LIFE, your Diet is your LIFE, the way you Think, Feel, and handle Stress is your LIFE.” Mary Jane is more passionate about Health and Hormones than anything else. Nothing gives her more pleasure than putting an end to the misery that people experience when their hormones are imbalanced and their appearance causes them to lack self-confidence.

Mary Jane believes that “Beauty is Health realized.” It is an outer manifestation of a Completely Balanced Life. If you have said "I want to Lose Weight and Feel Good Again” or "I want healthier looking skin,” you have made a Decree, An Inner Determination to Manifest Change. When you are ready for this change, we invite you to join us. You will find it here.
Decree Beauty. Decree your Life.